Únava materiálu vychází v Nizozemí ve druhém vydání

Nizozemský překlad románu Únava materiálu se vyprodal za půl roku. V amsterdamském nakladatlství Das Mag nyní vychází druhé vydání (překlad Edgar De Bruin). Kniha sklidila nadšené recenze v Holandsku i Belgii:

***** „Razor sharp“ (Knack)

***** „(Material Fatigue) makes an overwhelming impression.“ (De Standaard)

***** „Material fatigue is an impressive feat of an incredibly promising author, a plea for humanity and compassion, a relief in strange and troubled times.“ (Cutting Edge)

„An awesome reading experience“ (Tzum)

‚Materiaalmoeheid is necessary and relevant. Sindelka’s last book is an unparalleled embodiment of migration. His physical descriptions are a powerful remedy against dehumanization. He places the society on the treatment table and strokes it with his sentences. He touches the scars that old wars and conflicts have left behind and where it sometimes itches, the stripes that are the logical consequence of our expansion and any other unevenness that we have come to call history.‘ (Rekto:verso)